I think we can all admit that it has been a fairly dry summer for gaming. Nothing of note has come out (unless you haven’t played The Last Of Us, in which case you have something), and the only thing we’ve really had to rely on is Indie darlings and what Xbox and Playstation have given us for their Games With Gold and PS Plus programs.

While we haven’t heard yet from Sony, the guys at Xbox Wire have given us a peek at what we will be playing, for free, this month if you own an Xbox 360 or Xbox One, as part of their Games With Gold Programs.

Xbox 360 is up first, and for the first half of August, you can download and play Motorcross Madness, an off-road motorcylce racer. Race against friends, explore the map, or just drive around doing tricks all day, it’s really up to you. Finishing up the month of August is Bethesda Software’s loved by some, hated by some stealth game, Dishonored. Probably the biggest title this month, Xbox 360 users can enjoy running around as Corvo and delivering some stealthy justice en route to protecting the princess.

Note: Remember, the two free titles come out in shifts, so the first title will be out Aug 1-15, and the second will come out Aug 16-31.

On to the Xbox One side of things, and for these games, they will both be available starting from August 1 and running all the way to the end of the month. The first game is Crimson Dragon, the spiritual successor to the cult classic Panzer Dragoon saga. In this rail shooter, you can choose from up to a dozen dragons to level up as you progress through the games story, as well as invite three other friends to join you in online co-op.

The second game, a Kickstarter darling, was the first title for Xbox’s ID@Xbox program. Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut puts you in the suit of a space pilot, throwing you into some pretty awesome space battles. Letting you complete objectives however you see fit, this game will keep you busy well past the summer.

Crimson Dragon and Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut will replace Max: The Curse of Brotherhood and Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition as the free games for Xbox One, so make sure you pick up the last two before it’s too late.

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