Many feared that with Microsoft’s mandating of Kinect 2.0 and many of their other pre-flip-flop business practices, that essentially prices of everything Xbox related would be pocket crippling as to establish a luxury tier console in comparison with the PlayStation 4. I’m not too sure if these fears weren’t justified to begin with, but I can be the bearer of good news and tell you that such intuitions, at least when talking Xbox One add-ons, are somewhat over-thought. Microsoft just released the price for the Xbox One’s controllers and other accessories and they’re actually priced just as we’re use to them right now.


For $59.99, you can score yourself a fresh new Xbox One controller. For $15 more you can throw a Play and Charge kit with that, which is normally $24.99 on it’s own. For the same price of $24.99, you can score yourself a stand alone Xbox One headset. So as you can see, the prices have not gone up as tremendously as expected. Also, right now from where it stands, Xbox One games will go for $59.99 but  there still is no official word on that.


VIA: Gamer Assault Weekly

Source: Microsoft



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