With less than 10 days left until the Playstation 4 launch, gamers everywhere are losing their heads over a countless number of rumors and whispers. The most notable of all of these are rumors that famed developed Naughty Dog will officially announce Uncharted 4 during the November 14th launch event.

According to whispers on Eskimo Press, Naughty Dog’s next big game won’t be Savage Starlight; they are reporting it will in fact be Uncharted 4. What’s more is that sources are saying the game is at least 2 years into its development. If it all pans out, Uncharted 4 will be a Playstation 4 exclusive.

So why haven’t we heard any official announcements? Sources are saying that Naught Dog felt the announcement would “eclipse the launch of one of this year’s greatest games,” — my guess is that they’re referring to their latest major hit, The Last of Us.

We should also take into consideration the fact that Savage Starlight, Naughty Dog’s first game in space, is not going to be their next ‘big thing’. When confronted, industry frontman Geoff Keighley stated that “Naughty Dog’s interest in space is very new to me. I would only assume that Naughty Dog’s second team is looking for inspiration for their second project.”


Uncharted 4 is already here, you’re just not paying attention.

Shit on a shingle, folks. It’s hard to decide what’s fact and fiction here. Although sources claim to have first-hand experience with Uncharted 4, there’s no tangible — real or metaphoric — evidence to prove that Naughty Dog actually has the game in development. I suppose we should just have faith in our beloved developed, and hope that we can once again see Nathan Drake traversing the world on our television.

But, if it helps, NeoGaf member ‘famousmortimer’ has come forward to say that he has exclusive insider information on the topic, revealing that the game IS in development. He even goes as far as saying that he’s seen a trailer for the game, and it is “amazing.” While this is a complete stretch — to the point of almost unbelievable — it’s fun to think about, right?

Believe what you want. I’m not going to confirm or deny anything — I’m just going to speculate until my head explodes. That being said, what’s your take on all of this? Let’s discuss is below, preferably in a civil, ‘I love you, fellow gamer!’ kind of way. Let’s talk rumors, people. If you ask me, I think Naughty Dog is going to take Uncharted 4 in a brand new direction.


Stamina: 2. Sexterity: 100.

Whatever happens, I’m sure we’ll all enjoy the hell out of it. Right? Right?!

Take care folks. And, as always — thanks for reading, nerds.

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