People have had an issue with paying for Xbox Live gold for years now. They don’t see why they have to pay for basic online connectivity. You buy a console that is heavily focused on applications and games that require an internet connection. You are paying to connect and then you have to pay for some of the applications that you subscribe to. The statements above are great arguments against paying for the service. I can understand why some have issues. My personal reason for paying for Xbox Live can be summed up in two words……IT WORKS!

No offense to the PS3 (I love the PSN) but it does have issues if it’s own. It is rare that I ever have any issues with Xbox Live. The money that we pay for the service is used to keep everything running smoothly. I have never been worried about my connection stability or security. The interface is nice and works well (some would argue against that statement). I am easily connected with my friends and I have come to love the ability to chat while playing different games.

With the next generation of consoles approaching, I do think that there need to be some changes. Sony hit the nail on the head with PlayStation Plus. I was a little skeptical about PS+ in the beginning but after a few trails, I have grown to love it. The free games and discounts make it a no brainer to subscribe to the service. I think that it is time for Xbox to open things up a little. Maybe add a new tier to Xbox Live.

I think Silver should be what Gold is now minus special offers and discounts. Gamers should be able to play their games online and use the apps that they already pay a fee for without any additional charges. Gold could be something similar to what PS+ is for Sony. After the recent Sony announcement, Microsoft is going to need to bring the heat. Overall, Xbox Live is a great service but I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping some changes will be made.

How do you all feel about this. Comment and let us know.

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