This week’s Shonen Jump not only marks its 50th issue of the year, but the end of Naruto as well — with the release of its last two chapters within the issue.  With Naruto’s departure, various various mangkas (manga authors)  paid their respects to both Naruto and its mangaka, Masashi Kishimoto.


Mangaka from Weekly Shonen Jump Pay Tribute to Masashi Kishimotos Naruto Weekly Shonen Jump Comments Manga Authors from Weekly Shonen Jump Pay Tribute to Masashi Kishimotos Naruto


Masashi KisimotoNaruto

 In accepting the final story, there are both happy and sorrowful (mixed feelings/a complicated mental state). Nevertheless, I’m able to speak clearly(/bluntly), thank you to all the readers. To the end, I truly thank you. Otsukaresama dattebayo!!

Yusei MatsuiAssassination Classroom

It’s been an honour to be present/witness to the end of great footprints. Masashi Kishimoto, truly, Otsukaresama Deshita.

Yuji KimuraGarden

I ought to be able to commemorate and honor this issue of Weekly Shonen Jump by garnishing it with flowers. I await your thoughts/impressions.

Eiichihiro OdaOne Piece

Both my friend and rival. Thank you for 15 years of cheerful/heartfelt serialization!! Kishimoto-san, Otsukaresama!!

Kohei HirikoshiMy Hero Academia

Naruto was my youth (/springtime of adolescence) itself. Thank you for the greatest Shonen manga.

Yuto Tsukuda and Shun SaekiShokugeki no Soma

During middle/junior high school, the work that (we) came across (by chance) is finally…! Kishimoto-sensei, Otsukaresama Deshita! We both really agree! (followed by the author names)

KawadaHinomaru Sumo

Ever since the time I was a student, I really enjoyed (myself) reading it. I admired (you). Kishimoto-sensei, Otsukaresama Deshita!

Hideaki SorachiGintama

When Shinobi pass by, as I expected, the wind/breeze was refreshing. Kishimoto-Sensei, A resounding farewell, dattebayo

Shuichi AsoFlame of Saiki Kusunoki Takeshi

This week’s end of serialization, became an amazing (can mean dreadful) thing. (laughs) Kishimoto-Sensei, Otsukaresama Deshita!

Haruichi FurudateHaikyuu!!

I was very honored to have collaborated at Anime Festa. I’m always aspiring to be as cool/attractive/stylish as Naruto.

Mitsutoshi ShimabukuroToriko

Uooh! Kishimoto-san, for 15 years, truly Otsukaresama Deshita! Naruto, Thank you!

Naoshi KomiNisekoi

To be witnessing/present for such a great conclusion of a serialization, I feel happy! Truly, Otsukaresama Deshita!

Daisuke AshiharaWorld Trigger

Closing one of Jump’s histories, Kishimoto-Sensei, a long serialization for 15 years, Otsukaresama Deshita.

Shinsuke KondoJuudouzu

15 years of Jump’s supporting and continued great undertaking. Respectfully from the bottom of my heart, Kishimoto-sensei, Otsukaresama Deshita!

Ippei GotoHi-Fi Cluster

Kishimoto-sensei, for a while now, Otsukaresama Deshita. I ought to, and am honored, to be able to commemorate and be involved (with you) in this issue Weekly Shonen Jump.

Ryo NakamaIsobe Iso Hyoe Monogatari

To come after Naruto, as a young mangaka, Now, I’m fired up and dreaming/looking forward. I’ll also do my best.

Tite KuboBleach

Kishimoto-san, Otsukaresama Deshita! Although I believe it’s been busy to finish up, For now, please rest well!

Osamu AkimotoKochira Katsushikaku Kameari Kouenmae Hashutsujo

Kishimoto-san, for 15 years of long serialization, Otsukaresama Deshita I await the comeback of your new work.

Yuto KubotaSporting Salt

Kishimoto-Sensei, Otsukaresamadesu. I have been reading since my childhood. I love Rock Lee!

Yusaku ShibataYoakemono

Kishimoto-sensei, Otsukaresama Deshita. On your own, come back with a fresh start from training/learning. Thank you.


Eiichiro Oda also dedicated the cover of chapter 766 of One Piece to Naruto. The Cover depicts the series’ lead character, Luffy, eating Ramen (Naruto’s favorite food) right alongside of a fox (which is a nod to the Nine Tails that inhabits Naruto’s body), and Nami can be seen wearing a dress covered with Hidden Leaf Village crests.

One Piece Chapter 766s Cover Page Is Dedicated to Naruto Eiichiro Oda and Masashi Kishimoto manga 705x1024 One Piece Chapter 766s Cover Page Is Dedicated to Naruto

It appears as though the readers are not alone in their grieving from the conclusion of Naruto — but are also joined by Kishimoto’s peers as well.

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