Normally when I am leaving St. Louis to go to conventions, I try to wear a gaming shirt so I catch the attention of those with similar interest. I never got too much attention until PAX Prime 2014. That is where I met one of the programmers from Graphite Lab working on a game that was recently Jumpstarted called Hive Jump.

Hive Jump is a retro style shooter where you are traversing through different cave-like levels. The programmer described the game to me as Starship Troopers meets Contra. I was lucky enough to get my hands on the game at PAX and I was not disappointed. This game allows for up to four players on the same screen and online multiplayer. One of the biggest draws for me is the ability to level and upgrade your weapons. There are various different weapon types and multiple stages that players will be able to pick from. If you are looking for something retro, you won’t be disappointed here.

There is no exact release date for this game but it will be released for both PC and Wii U. I am hoping to see the Xbox One and PS4 versions in the future.

Check out the Graphite Lab site HERE for more information

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