Voodoo Vince released on the original Xbox in September of 2003. I missed this title the first time around but from what I can see, this is an accurate remaster of the original. This game originates from the days where character platformers were the norm. Voodoo Vince is widely known as a cult classic from that time period. In most cases this means that it was a great game but it didn’t get the attention it deserved until it was too late. The game now returns as a part of the ID@Xbox program. I’ve had some time with the game and I see why people loved it.


The story here is simple. You are a Voodoo doll that is brought to life through magic. As Vince, you are on a quest to save your master who has been kidnapped by the game’s main antagonist. You will be making your way through this stylized version of New Orleans and encountering various types of enemies and challenges.


I will start with saying that this is a remaster and not a remake. All of the assets that you see are from the original game and upscaled to 1080p. The original art style of the game still allows for a pleasant experience without fully re-tweaked graphics. I can see some players being turned off by some of the jagged edges and somewhat dated look but once you get into the gameplay, this becomes an afterthought.

Voodoo Vince Docks

Voodoo Vince Docks


Voodoo Vince was released around games like Jak and Daxter and Ratchet and Clank. This was one of the early pokes Microsoft took at the genre. Overall gameplay felt solid. This old game running on new hardware was smooth and controls were tight in my opinion. The game is running at 60fps. This was the main issue for me but I know it doesn’t bother everyone. in my case, it felt a little too smooth and my eyes had to catch up. There may have been a bit of floatiness when jumping around but the hover mechanic helped greatly with that. Your move set is very simple in this game. You are equipped with the standard punch, kick, and jump/drop move. The most powerful weapon in your arsenal is also the most fun/unique. Since you are a Voodoo doll, you are able to hurt yourself in order to damage enemies around you. You build a meter which allows you to do things like electrocute yourself and in turn the same things happen to your enemies. This only difference is that you come back to life.


Voodoo Vince Remastered is your chance to play a piece of overlooked Microsoft/Xbox history. This remaster was well done and the game holds up well after all of this time. If you are a fan of platformers, I would give Voodoo Vince a try. There aren’t many platformers on the market at this time and this will scratch that itch and with tons of collectables and puzzles, there is a lot of replay value here. Voodoo Vince is available on Xbox One, Windows 10, and Steam for 14.99. (This is a Xbox Play Anywhere Title as well) A great price for a great game.

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