Everything people wanted in the PlayStation 3, will finally be available in the PlayStation 4 as seen in this latest video of Access PlayStation. For starters, the friends list is making a jump from 100 to 2000So all of the hassle of having to constantly delete folks off of your friends list to make room for others may be gone next gen (considering you aren’t a super popular person or social butterfly who likes to collect friends like trading cards). From there, you’ll be able to determine which friends can and cannot see your personal information.


Also making it’s way onto the PlayStation 4 is a party chat system. They didn’t really go into detail about it, but they did mention it in the video when answering a question about PlayStation Plus requirements for online play. While PS+ is required to play PS4 games online, it is not required for applications like Netflix and Hulu, nor is it required for party chatting with your buddies. Those were some of the meatier questions answered in the segment, but check the video out for more enlightenment on what to expect come this holiday season!




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