Recently at the Taipei Gameshow it was announced through Yoshinori Ono and Tomoaki Ayano of Capcom that Ultra Street Fighter IV will have a direct youtube upload feature.

USFIV players will be able to go through their battle log through the replay channel and choose to upload any match that they’ve recently either had, or simply saved to their replay channel. This will allow online players to get some time to shine, it will also help get more Street Fighter players some exposure that aren’t able to attend tournaments regularly.

This is a great step in the right direction for Street Fighter especially with gamers already putting out high quality fighting game content on youtube with people like Yogaflame24, and LiangHuBB.

Ultra Street Fighter IV will be launching later this year. The only thing to wait for now, is the final character announcement which has been kept secret for some time. We will fill you in on further details as they are released. Let us know what you think of the YouTube feature being added, will you be utilizing it?

Via: Shoryuken, Eventhubs
Source: Capcom-Unity

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