With much anticipation leading up to the announcement of Capcom’s mystery character Decapre, the only thing people were left wondering was when exactly was Ultra Street Fighter IV releasing. As of today the release date for Capcom’s 5th iteration of the Street Fighter IV series will be launched June the 3rd and 4th. This digital upgrade will work for any PlayStation 3, or Xbox 360 owners of Super Street Fighter IV, or Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition. The digital release will retail for $14.99, while the retail version for console owners will be releasing on August 5th for $39.99. PC SF players will also be getting their retail version that will be releasing August 8th for the same price.

Ultra Street Fighter IV will be offering balance changes, new features such as direct YouTube upload, as well as online training mode and Trials mode for new characters. The 5 new characters, Elena, Hugo, Poison, Rolento, and Decapre.

Below is the DLC pre-order costume trailer detailing Jungle Elena, Medieval Hugo, Gladiator Decapre, Pirate Poison, and Wizard Rolento.

Tell us how you feel! Will you be purchasing the digital copy, or holding out for the physical version?

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