While the success of ZombiU is still a cloudy room of uncertainty for most, it appears that the game did well enough to garner talks for a sequel. Ubisoft creative director Philippe Caro mentioned on twitter that his team is “working hard on a prototype” for the game. He followed that statement up saying “it’s too soon to tell”, basically hinting at the fact that while they’d definitely love to make another game, the success of the game’s primary platform is going to weigh in heavily on whether or not we see it.


ZombiU is arguably the best exclusive title on the WiiU to date. I wonder if with a few changes in functionality (given Wii U tablet dependency and all), the game could drop the “U” from it’s title and move on to other platforms. Either way, it would be awesome to see a ZombiU 2 and a shame if the franchise went under due to it’s being placed on a sub-par game platform.


Please pardon me if this sounds like fanboyism, for it is truly just realism.

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