As we inch closer to the March 11 release of Titanfall, some information is bound to leak out. However, I don’t think anyone was expecting so much to drop so soon.

Earlier yesterday, a thread popped up on NeoGAF detailing all 15 maps that will be playable in the games multiplayer. According to the pictures, all top down views of the maps, the names of them are: Airbase, Angel City, Boneyard, Colony, Corporate, Demeter, Fracture, Lagoon, Nexus, Outpost 207, Overlook, Relic, Rise, Smuggler and Training Ground. Inside the maps, we can see that some contain anti-mech turrets used to slow down Titans, ziplines for Pilots to use, and at least two of the maps contain water. Check the gallery below for all 15 map images.

According to the sources, turrets will be used to combat the Titans during game modes, and will have “a considerable range of motion and excellent target tracking systems.” Supposedly, multiple Titans will be needed to destroy the turrets, although most can be hacked to change sides and fight for another team.


Along with the confirmation of maps, even more news has come out, this time courtesy of Reddit user FallenFusion. In a post on Reddit, he’s detailed an element of the game called Generations, which will function as Titanfall‘s prestige mode. In a leaked screenshot (posted below), we can see that your character is erased, losing your  experience, unlocks, and completed challenges, earning you a special chip that others can see on your profile. You will also earn XP at a faster rate, which one could assume will only go up the more you generate a new soldier.


The games final list of game modes was also revealed, including: Attrition (Team Deathmatch) , Capture the Flag, Hardpoint Domination, Last Titan Standing and a new game mode called Pilot Hunter. Pilot Hunter is something that is sure to please most fans of the game who had a problem with the AI controlled enemies having an effect in game. In Pilot Hunter, one point is awarded for each pilot killed, and the only thing AI controlled grunts affect are the build times of your Titans.

Finally, the same tipster also revealed that there will be nine campaign matches in Titanfall, consisting of five Attrition and four Hardpoint games. The campaign matches will allow you to play as both the IMC and Militia sides, and will include its own pre-match briefings and battle chatter.

We also got another picture of the games dinosaur like creatures, creatures we don’t know much about yet. Whether or not they play a role in the games campaign, we don’t know, but one thing is for sure: they look cool as hell.


Titanfall releases on March 11 for Xbox One and PC, and March 25 for Xbox 360.

Update: Respawn has released a new trailer for the game, showing off some of the ziplining mentioned earlier in this post, as well as some of what we had already seen: wall running, titan killing action. You can watch it below.






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