EA’s been hard at work trying to clean up their damaged image. They’ve been called — and duly awarded — one of the worst companies ever, as consumers and industry professionals have long since questioned their business models and PR stunts. But recently, EA has been attempting to scrub up the messy remnants of their past in order to present a strengthened company to the masses; with exciting game announcements and a business mindset that seems to actually make a little bit of sense, EA is slowly but surely ganging positive traction.

Their latest attempt to draw favor and give back to gamers comes in the form of another installment of Game Time, and this time around, one of the year’s biggest releases is on the list. Now, for 48 hours, PC gamers using Origin can play Titanfall — for free.

20140212100122-titanfall3If you’ve got a PC and some free time to play, make sure to login (or create an account, you barbarian) to Origin to take advantage of this beautiful offer. Titanfall is one of the highest grossing games of 2014, and it’s no secret why. With enjoyable mechanics, a futuristic setting, and everyone’s favorite mech concept, Titanfall is a a highly engrossing first-person shooter.

If you’re impressed enough and feel like buying the game, your save progress will transfer over, allowing you to turn a free weekend into a mech-shooting, pilot-smushing week. Best of all, the game is half-off — $29.99 — giving no reason why you should go without it lingering somewhere in your game collection. Just open up your Origin client, head over to their free games section, and await your destiny.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to take advantage of their On the House promotion, where you can pick up Peggle for free. As if you needed one more thing to become addicted to.

Happy gaming, nerds!




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