If the cat isn’t out of the bag now, then God knows where it is because a leaked image posted onDestructoid seems to have revealed an early version of the next Playstation’s controller. From the looks of things, Sony’s not migrating too far away from the Dualshock’s design (which in my opinion is a good thing) and are simply adding to what’s already there. I reached out to several of my good friends from Sony Computer Entertainment and was able to confirm that this prototype does indeed exist. Keep in mind however, this is just an early version of the controller and the final product may or may not be completely different from what you’re seeing here.




Here are several things I was able to gather from an intense look at this PlayStation prototype:

  • From what I can see, the controller has a speaker on the front of it, which is similar to the Nintendo Wii-motes. I’d imagine separate game sounds will be emitted through this as oppose to you’re normal television/sound system output.
  • If you look closely, there’s a little groove under the middle section of the controller. I’m assuming this is some type of headphone input, similar to what and Xbox 360 controller offers.
  • The analog sticks look extremely “groovy” while the D-Pad resembles that of the PlayStation Vitas. The latter of the two looking more appealing to me.
  • The PlayStation button has been moved to the lower middle area of the controller and it’s previous area has been replaced with what looks to be a screen of some sort. Whether it’s a touch screen, LCD or LED screen remains to be seen. Also, the Start and Select buttons have been omitted from the controller altogether. Will the possible screen in the middle somehow be replacing those button’s functions?
  • There’s some type of weird blue light at the top of the controller between L1 and R1. I’m guessing it’s possibly a PlayStation Move sensor. Whatever this is, I’m definitely interested to see what it is about.


Again, this isn’t the final version of the controller and we still have a little under a week until we know for sure what this prototype shaped into. What do you guys think of this? Does it look appealing? Do you hope that the end result is more like this or completely different? We’ll have more on this and the PlayStation 4 altogether as news unfolds.

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