Well, it was a long and eventful holiday weekend but we are back in business here at Max Level getting comfy in our seats on the road to E3 2013. While remembering our nations falling heroes here in the United States yesterday, a movement rose from the laboratories of NeoGaf to the front lines of Twitter. This movement, falling under the hashtag #PS4noDRM, has been one of the more awesome happenings in gaming as of lates. With the Xbox One nearly confirming Digital Right Management, PlayStation fans have taken to twitter to voice their concerns about the PS4 following suit. The movement has been getting tons of press and has even reached the likes of NBC news. Pretty legit, especially witnessing how tactfully gamers banned together to make this happen.




My contribution to the movement, which I am completely in support of, was to make a video message to Sony. While my views on used games may not be  completely inline with many others’, I don’t agree that completely locking content from players and stripping them of their sense of ownership is the right thing to do. Check out more details on the movement on this website.



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