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Episode 1- Introductions And Tangents


Episode 2- Chez Is An Alien


Episode 3 – Video Game Love & Iron Man Sucked


Episode 4- Max Cast Xbox One Edition


Episode 5- PS4, DRM & Sega


Episode 6- E3 Predictions & Nintendo Is The Tooth Fairy


Episode 7- E3 Was A Crime Scene


Episode 8- We Love Final Fantasy


Episode 9- Scorpion Makes Us Crybabies


Episode 10- Nintendo Pops Open Heros MMO


Episode 11 – That’s What She Said


Episode 12 – Wolverine Can’t Work In The Gaming Industry

Episode 13 – Idris Elba Terrifies GameStop

Episode 14 – Sam Jackson Plays The Green Lantern In RoboCop

Episode 15 – Real Life Thugs Hate GTA:V


Episode 16 – Agents of SHIELD Was Almost A Shit Show

Episode 17 – The Wind Waker Ruined Assassin’s Creed

Episode 18 – There’s A Wolf Among Us

Episode 19 – Assassin’s Creed Always Starts Fights

Episode 20 – The Original Scandal of PS4

Episode 21 – The Next Gen Has Arrived