For 50 years, Audio Technica were known only for their high performance studio headphones and microphones. Using those 50 years of audio engineering technology, they decided to finally get into the gaming headset world with the ATH-AG1.

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Sound: Audio Technica is known to have one of the best over-ear headphones around and the AG1 shows you that. Using what they call D.A.D.S, or double air damping system, the sound quality comes out amazing. Combine that with the USB amplifier, and these will deliver deep, resonating bass and total isolation. It’s crazy hearing something behind you in the game with the AG1 and being able to react to it accordingly.


Microphone: The AG1’s microphone has to be one of the clearest microphones for a gaming headset that I have ever used. It’s as if they put a studio quality microphone on a gaming headset.  The mic’s position is more to the side of your mouth rather than in front, so there’s no harsh P pop sounds, or sharp S sounds.


Weight: You would think that with a headset that looks so big that it would be annoying to wear after long periods of time, but it’s really the exact opposite. With the 3D wing support and and very soft cushions around the ear, the AG1 is the most comfortable headset I’ve worn. The AG1 feels weightless, and after using them for 7-11 hours straight I almost forgot I was wearing them.

Mute: Probably the only thing I don’t like about the AG1 is the mute button. To mute yourself, instead on toggling you have to hold the button to move. Its  annoying if I’m trying to be muted and play my game at the same time, but not a deal breaker. Instead of holding, a toggle option would’ve been nice.


Final Verdict: The Audio Technica ATH-AG1 is an amazing headset. Audio Technica put a studio quality headphone with a studio microphone together in one package. Throw in the USB amplifier, 2 meter extended cables, next-gen/PC capabilities, and pricing at $299.99, and this headset is a great buy.


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