Phil Spencer

Phil Spencer Named VP of Gaming

Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox since 2014, just received a promotion to Executive Vice President of Gaming. He now will report directly to CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella. He will still be working closely with the ...
Xbox One X

Xbox One X Hopes/Speculations

I took a a minute to sit down and record some hopes about the Xbox One X and the pre order that everyone is waiting for.

E3 2017: Anthem Trailer/Gameplay

Bioware's new IP has been teased for some while now and we finally get our first taste. We saw the first Anthem trailer on the stage during the EA press conference and we saw some gameplay the next day with Mic...

Gaming is for Everyone by Microsoft

Today I was making my morning Youtube rounds and I came across a video called "Blacks in Gaming" on the Xbox channel. This caused me to do a little research and I found a few videos from this year's Game Develo...
project scorpio

Confirmed Project Scorpio Specs

Earlier this week there was a rumor that some sort of Project Scorpio information would be released. Today Eurogamer and Digital Foundry released those details. Many of the system specs were already rumored and...