Can this be real life? These Strider HD  Playstation 4 Screenshots look oh so beautiful. Today, Sony decided to grace us with some awesome shots of the PS4 version of Strider. Strider is a side-scrolling action game with breathless combat and a near feverish pace. Players explore Kazakh and earn upgrades and powers along the way, which in turn enable them to access more areas of the map. All the action revolves around Hiryu, who blazes across rooftops, over wires, through buildings, and down walls with an absolute dominion over fear. Anything that stands in his way gets sliced to ribbons by his indestructible plasma weapon, the Cypher. Don’t believe me? Take a look at them yourself!


Strider HD launches for PS3 and PS4 next month. This is a day one scoop up for me. After seeing all this eye-candy, me and my Playstation 4 are indeed ready for you Strider! What do you guys think of the screenshots? Are you guys as excited for this game next month as I am? Be on the look out for this sick classic in February.


Via Playstation Blog





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