The great folks at SteelSeries have ripped the blanket off top their latest innovation in gaming audio. Their new Siberia Elite Headset has been spotted over in Cologne, Germany during Gamescom, and is looking quite gorgeous might I add. Before hopping into the new features this thing is packing, lets take a moment to bask in it’s ample attractiveness.



Siberia Elite (White Version)

Siberia Elite (White Version)


Isn’t she a looker? Now moving onto some of this beaut’s features, expect to see some very cool touch 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound by Dolby® Pro Logic IIx. This will provide a much more immersive experience by transforming stereo audio into luxurious high powered surround sound. Your 5.1 signals will also get buffed up to 7.1 as well. The retractable mic that we all know and love will be making it’s return and you will also find neat touch audio controls on the ear pieces of the headset.


Siberia Elite White - Side shot.jpg


Also new from SteelSeries, is their SteelSeries Engine 3. This super-powered software suite allows for folks to fully take control of their headset and it’s immense power. You’ll be able to do everything from set unlimited numbers of game-specific audio profiles to adjusting your microphone settings. They also give you the ability to customize the color that displays in your earpiece. You ‘ll be able to choose between 16.8 millions colors and set the speed of how they pulsate or just leave the color to display constantly. This mean you’re pretty much reduced to having to purchase either a black headset or a white headset, the rest of the coloring is up to you.


Needless to say, SteelSeries means business with their latest addition to the Siberia line. Right now, this appears to be a PC, MAC, Mobile compatible headset, which would leave consoles out of the picture. Hopefully in the future we see the Siberia Elite makes it’s way onto the PS4 and Xbox One. Until that time though, take a gander at my review of a SteelSeries headset that is cross platform.


Pre-orders for the Siberia Elite go up in September and the headset will run you $199.99 at retail price. 

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