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The great folks over at SteelSeries sent over the Siberia V2 Cross-Platform Headset so we can see how it measures up with other gaming headsets. Known for their involvement in e-sports and their quality PC products, SteelSeries has since branched into console gaming. With that, along comes their new version of the Siberia V2, which adds the ability to function across multiple gaming platforms. But with the console gaming headset market getting fierce and competitive these days, can a company mainly known for their PC products grab consumers who pledge their allegiance to the living room and couch style of gameplay? Let’s dive in and see how it ranks with the world!






The first sight of the Siberia V2 Cross Platform headset was nothing short of interesting. I wasn’t repulsed by the actual look of it, but nor was I immediately riveted by it either. I liked the sleek black finish to the headset, but the two cables passing over the sets headband left me a bit confused at first. After a bit of time, however, the look definitely grew on me and I realized just how unique it is. You won’t find anything else on the market that looks like this and that can definitely serve as a selling point for SteelSeries. There’s a reason for this design as the headband expands to fit the users head comfortably, gripping at the top of the head as opposed to snapping on the side of the head like most headsets. This made for one of the most comfortable experiences I’ve ever had with an over-the-ear audio accessory.


The headband is just a portion of what makes this set so comfortable. The leather, cup-style ear pieces fit around the ear extremely comfortably. Even with my big ears, I was able to log in many hours of gaming and take off the headset without any soreness or pain. Given that the headset is gripping around the top of the head, the softness of the ear cups is thus accentuated and wearing the headset becomes not just a comfortable experience, but a euphoric one as well. The retractable microphone is a phenomenal touch to these also, allowing you to use the headset as you would any other pair of stereo headphones, free of microphones waving around in your face.





With a super impressive headset design, how does the Siberia V2 C-P  measure in the audio department?  Well for starters, SteelSeries did an amazing job balancing the headset frequencies. In this day and age, most of your over-the-ear headsets have excessive low frequencies that provide ample bass. I like bass as much as the next man, but when playing video games it can be hindering since there are so many unique sound effects happening on the mid and high frequencies as well. The Siberia V2 C-P definitely captures those sounds effects with extreme clarity, though the bass seems to come in a little muddier than desired at times.

Packaged with the headset you’ll find the difference maker between this version of the Siberia V2 and the older version. The Cross-Platform Audio Mixer allows you to control four different calibrations while gaming. You can mute the headsets microphone using the large button on the face of the Audio Mixer. You can adjust the game volume using the rolling dial on the side of the Audio Mixer as well as adjust the in-game chat volume using the another provided roller. Finally is the coolest feature of them all, which is LiveMix. There’s a switch on the opposite side of the Audio Mixer from the rollers which allows you to set your headset to lower the volume of the game whenever someone chats so you can hear them easier. LiveMix includes three different settings. LOW reduces the game volume 5db during voice chat input. MEDIUM reduces the game volume 15db and HIGH reduces the game volume 25db.




Another plus side to this product is you won’t have to lose out if you have a variety of gaming platforms since the Siberia V2 Cross-Platform stays true to it’s name. Everything from the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, PC to mobile devices is compatible with the set. Also packaged with the headset is an RCA adapter for TV or Stereo connection, as well as a 3.5mm jack for anyone who wants to use the headset with a mobile device. Having such flexibility is definitely something else that gives the Cross-Platforms the edge on the market.


Final Thought



At it’s retail price of $119.99, the Siberia V2 Cross-Platform is a top contender and my personal favorite in the gaming headset market. The design is near flawless with the unique visual appearance, the sleek leather ear cups, retractable microphone and expandable headband. You’ll experience an immense amount of comfort upon putting this headset on. The sound clarity is excellent with the only drawback being the low frequencies coming in a bit muddy at times. Luckily, the fact that the frequencies are altogether well balanced more than makes up for that. The AudioMixer adds a nice, easy sense of conrtol to the headset, with the LiveMix feature being a thoughtful addition for your more social game players. Add in the fact that this puppy is cross-platform and you have yourself on versatile bang for your buck. Well done SteelSeries.


Final Score: 9.5/10



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Price: 119.99






Set Style


Connection Type


Physical Attachment


Cable Length




Primary Use





Over-the-ear (w/Earcups)


Wired (usb)




Mixer Chat Cable  2.5 ft, Mixer Cable 13 ft


1.5 lbs




PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Mobile






[one_half]Output Mode


Surround Sound


Noise Canceling (Active)














Yes (Retractable)


Yes (50mm)


1 USB[/one_half_last][/tab][/tabgroup]

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