After Final Fantasy Type-o 2011 release in Japan for the PSP, the game was excessively requested for a Western release by North American and European fans. Those fans finally got their wish —  during E3, Square Enix announced that the game is finally hitting the Western side of the world in the form of an HD remaster for the Xbox One and PS4.

Soon after the announcement, Sony released an article (now edited with the retraction in place) on the PlayStation Blog stating that the HD remaster wasn’t only coming to the PS4 and Xbox One, but on the Vita as well. This appears to be a substantial victory for Western Final Fantasy fans — they no longer have to import the game from Japan for an already dead hand held console, they even get the better version for a fair price. Sadly, the victory was short lived.

Sony has made a grave mistake: Final Fantasy Type-0 isn’t actually coming to the Vita. A few moments after the announcement on the PlayStation Blog, Sony released a tweet retracting the statement:


— PlayStation Europe (@PlayStationEU) June 10, 2014
It appears that Sony has jumped the gun when they announced the Vita version of the highly anticipated Final Fantasy game.

The fans that were looking forward to the Vita port of the game have taken to the comments section of the PlayStation Blog article, to let Sony know their distaste for the misleading news; the comment section now has over 1,300 posts from disgruntled fans. Some are saying that the lack of a Vita port is not the actual reason why they’re angry; the lack of actual support for the Vita itself is the actual problem.

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