As of yesterday, Skullgirls has been released in Japan. This is excellent news for the series. It appears that ever since the Evo breast cancer fundraiser this game has been picking up quite a bit of steam. From the announcement of Skullgirls getting a top 8 feature on the main stage at Evo, to the announcement of the PC version coming soon. If you have Skullgirls and you haven’t been on in awhile, now’s a good time to jump back into it! New competition is on the rise and if you’re a huge supporter like I am, it would be great to get some matches in with our friends in the land of the rising sun. Let’s show them what Skullgirls is all about!

Below is a link to the Japanese release Trailer. According to Eventhubs, this trailer showcases new character posts that will be available to buy soon at the Sanshee store!

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