Skullgirls Encore has been released for PSN users. Last year Lab Zero departed from Konami to avoid any more delays for their Skullgirls title and in return lost rights to “Skullgirls.” To combat this, they created “Skullgirls Encore” which is the original Skullgirls just…with Encore in the title!

If you own the original downloadable game PSN will be sending out messages for a voucher to download SG Encore. If you did not own the original however, shame on you first off, but secondly you can purchase the title for $14.99. For a limited time, SG fans will be able to download Squigly as well as a color palette swap for free, so get it while you can!

This version is up to date with the Steam version of the game so all balance tweaks, stages, and characters will be up to date with Big Band to be released very soon.

Below is the official launch trailer as well as the Squigly Reveal trailer, let us know who you’ll be playing as?

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