Flappy Bird may or may not be one of the worst plaques to hit the gaming industry. Forget the Candy Crush Fiasco of 2014 and forget Cookie Clicker,¬†folks. Now, just when you thought Flappy Bird was sinking into its well deserved obscurity, Hell has unleashed the antichrist in its final form… and its name is Flappy 2048.

flappyCombining the aspects of two of 2014’s most viral games, Flappy Bird and 2048, the mysterious developers of this browser game are intent on wreaking havoc on the industry. The worst part? It’s actually addicting to play. Like, I’m actually having¬†fun.

The mechanics are ridiculously simple: use your spacebar or mouse to keep your weird winged box afloat long enough to match it with its equal. Once matched, your number goes up. Boom, there you go! You are now a pro. I’ve played for a few rounds, and I’ve gotten pretty far — so if you’re worried about difficulty, don’t fear. I’m terrible, so you’ll be fine.

So, what’s your high score? Sound off in the comments below! Hurry, the end is nigh.


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