With Marvel’s list of upcoming films growing, combined the release date of Guardians Of The Galaxy getting closer and closer, talk of a sequel has become more prevalent in the recent weeks. Fans finally got their answer the form of a surprise message at San Diego Comic-Con from director James Gunn and star Chris Pratt.

Appearing in a surprise video message at Marvel’s SDCC Panel, Gunn and Pratt delivered some playful words to the con attendees before revealing the July 28, 2017 release date belongs to none other than Guardians Of The Galaxy 2, complete with this image projected on the panels screens:

guardians 2 SDCC

Shortly after the presentation, director James Gunn revealed in a tweet that he would indeed return to write and direct the sequel:

The sequels announcement comes just before the August 1st release of Guardians Of The Galaxy. The film is currently enjoying overwhelmingly positive reviews and building hype that’s been building over the past year.

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