The Saints are back again and better then ever now for their 2nd term. Saints Row IV comes to the PS4 and XBOX One with the arrival of a stand alone game Gat out of Hell which doesn’t need any explanation that Gat goes to HELL go figure we all knew Johnny was going there one way or another – ooh the irony. Aside from all that from what we can tell The President (Your character) and the Saints Crew mess around with a squeegee board and then the board starts moving. The word Jezebel comes up and the President is then sucked up into a firey vortex of doom. Now the Saints think of a plan , Johnny Gat and Mckenzie decide to go to hell to save their righteous leader from Satan himself. With that being said Saints Row IV is set to be released January 27, 2015 and priced at $29.99 with all current DLC or 49.99 which includes Saints Row IV, DLC and the stand alone Gat out of Hell. 


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