Facepunch Studios has had a lot of success with their newest game, Rust. Rust mixes elements of Minecraft and Day Z to create a charming but challenging survival game. After seeing it on the front page of steam for literally weeks, I decided to try it out. I fell in love with the game almost immediately. Not only is it reminiscent of Minecraft and Day Z, the look and feel of the game is similar to Fallout, which is nice. The game had over 250,000 supporters in it’s early access stage, has made over seven million since its release, and has sold over one million copies on Steam. Unfortunately, with virtually every PC game, there are bound to be some filthy cheaters. I have personally felt the wrath of the more morally corrupt members of the Rust community (cheaters), and I have to say it takes a lot away from the game. Facepunch is not unaware of this problem and they’re recently implemented a hopeful remedy.

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In games like Rust with a large community, quality control is especially important.  When I buy a game, I’m looking for a certain kind of experience. In this case, I wanted a thrilling, multiplayer, open-world, survival game. Rust is all of those things, but when people cheat they’re taking advantage of everyone else. Then the fun game you thought you were getting becomes frustrating and annoying. Facepunch has stated that CheatPunch is by no means an absolute cure to the cheating problem, but almost 5,000 people detected and banned is a good start to keeping quality control if you ask me.

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