nexusae0_Razer_Microconsole-RGBI’m all for new technology, and when I heard Razer was making an Android-based micro-console for a new perspective on entertainment, I was all ears and ready to relinquish my wallet. Much like its competitors — Fire TV, Apple TV, OUYA, and Chromecast — it has a lot of those great features packed into it, but Razer wants to emphasize more on its gaming aspects for the “hardcore” gamer. Razer isn’t dropping any details on its specs, price, or accessories, but I believe this will be another great amazing Razer product promising the best you can get for your money. Only time will tell what we will see in Fall 2014. Above is a render of the Android TV-based micro console, which is sleek-looking, and has that classic Razer black with the Razer insignia. Consider my pants soiled, washed, and soiled again because I am that excited to see what’s in store for this tiny powerful box.

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