A little bit of news for you spec-whores out there. Digital Foundry has come upon a document that claims the PS4 dedicates 3.5GB of RAM to it’s operating system, leaving about 4.5GB of RAM for developers to make awesome games with. On top of the 4.5GB of RAM is a 1GB layer of “flexible memory” that’s reclaimable by the OS.  Now.. take a second and let the confusion set in.



Alright now that that’s over, let’s talk about why this holds any significance. A lot of PlayStation loyalist were under the impression that the PS4 would only dedicate 1GB of RAM to the operating system, leaving an insane 7GB for game development. Personally I found that to be ridiculous, with the PS4 appearing to have quite a lot going on in the background while gaming. With the recently announced 2000 friends list cap, share button features, background downloading, etc. happening, we couldn’t have honestly expected the PS4 to only dedicate 1GB of RAM to the OS. I mean seriously…


The real question is, does any console even need more than 4GB of RAM to run excellent games? I mean lets be honest, I’ve seen computers with 8GB of RAM and of course most of that gets eaten by the OS but for the remainder left the games run excellent. Furthermore, I’m just not too sure why everyone’s so amped up over these numbers when, at days end, the PS4 games are going to play like sex. If sex could be played… that’s what the PS4 would do… yeah… right?


Via: VG247

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