If you’ve been keeping up with the Smash scene, you’ve heard about Project M and it’s greatly anticipated Turbo mode. Turbo mode was teased on April Fools day earlier this year with a video poking fun at Project M 3.0 coming out as a supercharged speed, combo happy game.It later turned out that the team was simply just preparing a mode that was faster in pace, but didn’t affect Project M as a standalone and simply, add another option for players to select if they didn’t feel like playing regular ol’ smash.

The concept is quite simple, Turbo Mode will allow players to cancel moves into other moves leading up for long, damaging and stylish looking combos. What started off as a joke however has become real and has been getting lots of love from smash fans all around.

Today a reveal for Ike’s gameplay in Turbo mode was revealed, check it out!

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