Were you worried about the anime for Hunter x Hunter(2011) encroaching on its manga counterpart will affect its production? Well, I’m sad to say that your worst nightmare has become a reality.  Episode 148 is going to be the last episode of the 2011 run of Hunter x Hunter.

Mantaweb spoke with the series’ lead Megumi Han, the voice of Gon Freecss, about being a second generation voice actor since her mother Keiko Han, was Gundam’s Lalah Sune. During the interview she talked about her first major role, and revealed that Hunter x Hunter production has ceased after episode 148. This was inevitable; Yoshiro Togashi (the series’ creator), went on a two year hiatus in march 2012, and started back up this June. Since the production of the  manga completely stopped, and the anime continued steadily; it was bound to catch up to the manga. Seeing that there’s not enough story from the manga to adapt the anime from, MADHOUSE has decided to cease production. The anime just ran episode 143 on August 19th, which means we have five episodes left to savor.

The first run of Hunter x Hunter began in 1999, ending with 62 episodes, on the Yorknew arc, soon after it gained a 30 episode OVA for the Greed Island arc.

If you wish to continue the story for Hunter x Hunter, there’s always the manga that’s available in stores now. Want more from MADHOUSE? Check out Parasyte that’s due to premiere this October.


hunter x hunter crew

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