PowerA, the company that brought you MOGA controllers for your Android device has released an all new line-up to add to their collection. Introduce the MOGA Hero Power and Pro Power; the latest additions to their controller line. PowerA has been putting out quality controllers for Android devices for the past 2 years and have anted it up with their 2 latests.

Now, unlike the MOGA Pro Controller the MOGA Hero Power and Pro Power have added the ability to charge your device while you are playing a game. Everyone knows how much battery life gets drained for playing extensive amounts of gaming on your device and these latest additions will help you get you more time on the sticks.


The Hero Power is sporting a 1800 mAH battery, while the Pro Power is sitting on a 2200 mAH. These batteries pretty much have enough juice to power up your device to a full charge.

These delightful controllers are kind of priced high, running you $59.99 for the MOGA Hero Pro and $79.99 for the MOGA Pro Power, but it is worth it if your looking to keep your device charged while gaming and your mobile gaming skills on point.

The MOGA Hero and Pro Power are shipping and you can purchase anyone of PowerA mobile gaming controllers at retailers like Amazon, BestBuy and Target; or you can purchase them directly from the PowerA site.

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