ESL (English Second Language) teacher, Elizabeth Emery, has found a way to haunt everyone on the internet’s dreams — by making art that featuredpokémon crossing over with the titans of the popular anime, Attack on Titan. This is what nightmares truly consist of — your favorite pokémon with a titan’s expression on its face. It is truly horrific. This makes the most seasoned pokémon master not catch ’em all! Emery’s artwork demonstrates that the titan’s expression can be creepy without a titan’s body, in fact, it can be even more creepy on a cuddly body.



Thank you Emery for forever ruining how I see pokémon –now, all I see them as nightmarish monsters.

You can find more of Emery’s work on her Tumblr blog that is based off of the abstraction, or you could go to her Deviantart where you could buy prints of your favorite pokémon x titan mashup.

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