I was a kid that was born in the late 80’s and started gaming in the early 90’s. I believe as a child, everyone was a gamer if you had access to the hardware or an arcade. There weren’t many kids that would pass up the opportunity to play Sonic or Super Mario Brothers.

Looking back at my earlier gaming years, I notice that there was one game that all kids in my age group played, but not everyone was great at… Pokemon. There were two types of players: those who just ran through the game and didn’t evenly train their Pokemon, and those who took time to pay attention and make sure that everyone was evenly trained. I didn’t know it then ,but this would shape the way I play video games today. It was more than just playing with opposing elements. I had to make sure that every Pokemon in my party received equal attention.

I am not a trophy hunter or achievement freak, but I can become very detailed when I am playing certain games. I become obsessed with every little detail of the characters I am playing with. I don’t play most RPGs these days, but it is still one of my favorite genres. If a game has RPG elements, there is a good chance I will play it. Give me a chance to upgrade a character or a weapon, and I get giddy. Pokemon started me on a path to character creation and micromanagement — and I can never go back.

Upgrading and creating armor can be a game within itself to me. Because of this, I have not finished (and maybe never will) Skyrim. I’ve spent hours in that game just making daggers to create dragon armor. Now these are all just random thoughts from the mind of a weirdo. Do you all have any games that had this sort of effect on you?

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