We all love our movies, music, and photos but we also love our PS4. What if I told you there’s a way to have the best of both worlds on your PS4 console? Behold! Plex Media Server has a solution! Plex Media Server is what it is called a media server. The catch is that it runs off your computer. Now we all have a computer laying around collecting dust, so why not put it to good use with it being a media server? So let’s get to the process!


1. Sign up, download and install Plex: First off, you should sign up for a Plex account, it’s very simple and straightforward — just input a username, password, email address, and your birthday.5dcae6ce364ca84cc2fb0eb627ade531Well you look at that, we have to download Plex Media Server for our computer; it’s that easy! Whichever operating system you are running, choose the correct one that pertains to you — for example, mine would be Windows.


2.Configuring Plex Media Server: Now most people really shouldn’t need to configure much. Name your media server, choose the media folders such as Music, Videos, & Photos, maybe a port here and there but aside from that, the program itself runs smooth. There are also options for advanced users.


3. Going to your server on your PS4: Well we got this far, right? Now onto the most fulfilling moment of all of this work and preparation: logging onto your plex media server on your PS4 and accessing your lovely content. Go to your PS4 browser, type in www.plex.tv and you should see a a big “SIGN IN” button on the top right. After you put all your information in, you’ll be directed back to the main page. Now click the “LAUNCH” button, but be mindful of your PS4’s Plex main page might look like.


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4. Enjoying your PS4 & Media Server all at the same time: Now you are all set up ready to go. All you have to do is choose what video you wanna watch, music you want to listen to, or  photos you want to view.


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