Pax West included a shiny new showcase for the hotly anticipated Gears Of War 4. On display was the grand return of a series favorite, Horde mode.

Dubbed Horde 3.0, at first sight its a mostly familiar retread of the very popular shoot ’em up arcade style mode. You and your squad are dropped in a level and your task is to kill increasingly difficult waves of enemies. As you proceed through the waves, the difficulty spikes up, with different creatures appearing with more powerful attacks and a boss fight every 10 levels.

In Horde 3.0, a few upgrades are thrown into the mix. For starters, there’s a new kit called the Fabricator. Working as a defensive weapon crate of sorts, this goodie container provides the players an opportunity to get more weapons and power ups to stand a chance against later waves and throw some strategy into the mix.

A brand new feature is a class system. In Horde modes of past, you and your team usually just picked up any weapons and went for the kill. In 3.0 however, there is a class-based system that gives you up to five roles to choose from—Sniper, Scout, Soildier, Heavy, and Engineer. This allows your team to tackle the oncoming waves from every possible angle.

There’s also “Gear Cards”, which allow players to add bonuses, such as weapons delivering more damage, or carry extra ammo.

Any fan of Gears Of War will be pleased to hear that this is the Horde mode you love and remember. Conspicuously absent from the disappointing but not terrible Gears Of War: Judgement, the fan favorite is as fun as you remember, with the new added twists keeping it fresh.

Gears Of War 4 will release on October 11. For any news on Pax West 16, stay tuned to MaxLevel!



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