Being one of the most highly anticapted and highly devisive games of the year, Star Wars Battlefront had a lot to prove with it’s Pax Prime demo. While it wasn’t revolutionary by any means, it was certainly a fair amount of fun.

The upcoming EA published game presented a co-op waved based mode on the familar planet of Tattoine. The objective is simple; eliminate the growing wave of enemies with the weapons at your disposle. With each passing wave, the enemies get more diffcult to take out, and have some nifty weapons, such as jetpacks.

Desert Storm, Star Wars style

Desert Storm, Star Wars style

Taking control of Rebel Soilders, the first thing you notice is the new default first person view that is more Battlefield than Battlefront. My partner and I imeddiately switched to the classic third-person Battlefront camera view we were more accustomed to. The next notciebale change is just how light and fast the player controlled. Battlefront has always been fairly fast, but this was downright speedy. But the newfound quickness deifnitely added to the fun chaos about to ensue.

The first few waves of Stormtroopers were dispatched of fairly easily. with my partner and I hopping all around in our jetpacks, shooting wily nilly. Around the 3rd wave, things heated up, with more Stormtroopers with the aforementioned nifty weapons. ST-AT’s show up as well, making the proceedings a lot more diffcult.

All in all, the demo was a brief, but nice taste of what’s to come from Star Wars Battlefront. EA has certainly caught flack for stripping back the amount of maps and modes in comparison to the original BAttlefront series, but the demo at least certainly captured the classic chatoic feel of Star Wars Battlefront in the alotted time given. Find out for yourself when the game drops November 17.

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