It’s not an easy task to follow up a critically adored reboot, but Rise Of The Tomb Raider looks like it’s off to a rousing start.

Picking up a few years after 2013’s Tomb Raider, we find the iconic Lara Croft in the thick of things in the mountains of Syria. What starts as a friendly drive ends in betrayal, and Lara’s drive pays the ultimate price. Lara is now starnded cliffside, amd this is where we pick up control of our hero.

First things first; the game is jaw-droppingly gorgeous. Deserts are vast and brown, with every hook and cranny captured in all its dirty, rocky, sunaked detail. Lighting effects are spectacular, the wind effects are impressive, and the tombs are dirty and dingy nightmares, captured in full glory.


Ah yes, the tombs. A fair criticism aimed at the reboot of this series was the lack of the classic tombs that one would expect in a tomb raider game. Crystal Dynamics has paid attention to those claims, as the demo contained multiple tombs set with deadly traps, a staple of the original series.

As you progress through the demo, things become frantic, with enemies popping up aiming to kill Lara all while the cave begins to fall apart. Making a mad dash out the exit and stopping for a brief moment of piece, Lara sets her eyes on a clue that sets the story in motion.

The short demo provided all of the thrills of the exciting 2013 reboot, while adressing a few of its issues. The game is mysterious, beautiful, and full of spectaple. Come this November, Xbox One owners are in for a thrill ride.

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