Alienware just announced a new and improved model of their flagship desktop PC, the Area 51. The first thing you are going to notice is the new form factor. You will not see a lot of PCs on the market that look like this. The triangular shape has many functional advantages. It opens up additional space internally for airflow and cable management. The sloped fronts and backs allow easy access to cables and ports. Both side panels can be removed to expose the interior workings of the PC. The hard drives were placed on the opposite side of the rest of the components. This allows for quick and easy swapping. Alienware has always been know for it’s power and this piece of machinery is no slouch. The configuration that was displayed on the floor had over 30 gigs of RAM, 3 graphics cards, 3 cooling fans and the machine was liquid cooled as well. There has not been a release date set for this beast yet but I’m sure there are going to be some power hungry gamers waiting on this one.




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