I want to start by saying #IDARB(It draws a red box) provided me with the best gaming experience at PAX Prime 2014. The game is a fun, exciting, and innovative game coming from Other Ocean. There is a reason I have been hounding the creator Mike Mika on twitter since it was announced. It’s kind of hard for me to explain what I played here but I will try. Think of Towerfall on crack. I know that is hard to picture but believe me. It felt like the craziest soccer match you will ever play.

The twitch and social integration in the game is crazy. We all have heard and maybe experienced “Twitch Plays PokeMon”. Imaging a more toned down version of that. Users watching on Twith.tv have the power to change the entire game of #IDARB. For example, they can turn off the lights for a period of time and only allow players to see the ball or Rick Roll everyone (Never gonna give you up for those who don’t know). Twitter comments about the current match being played scroll across the bottom of the screen. It really makes it feel like a sporting event.

With so much going on onscreen, things can be a little overwhelming at first. That won’t last for long. I found myself quickly acclimated to this game. It’s a fun game that allows up to 8 players to compete simultaneously. You all should definitely check this game out when it releases for Xbox One and PC later this fall.

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