Transistor was announced as a title for the PS4 and PC at last year’s E3. Today, at PAX East, I was able to get some hands on time with it. This game comes from the guys and gals over at Supergiant Games, the creators of the hit indie game Bastion. Like Bastion, the art of this game is beautiful. It has the same over the top view and a bright futuristic color palette.


I find some of the gameplay elements in Transistor really interesting. There is a mechanic that allows the player to plan out attacks before executing. This goes along with the tech-like theme of Transistor. When executing these planned attacks, it almost looks like a computer coding language.


I had a chance to talk to the game’s creative director, Greg Kasavin, and I tried to get some more information on the game’s story. He didn’t want to give away too much about the story but he did let me know that “it’s a game where you discover more as you progress in the story. No one really understands what’s going on when you first start the game.” In the game you play as Red, a girl that, somehow, inherits Transistor, a talking sword. This sword is similar to the narrator in Bastion. It is constantly guiding you using verbal queues and clues. The sword in Transistor is more like a partner than the narrator in Bastion.

The game arrives on the PS4 and PC May 20th and I was told that there are no plans to release this on any other platforms at the moment. I don’t know all the logistics behind the chosen release platforms but based on SuperGiant’s pass, I believe there is hope that the game will expand to other platforms in the future.

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