During PAX East 2014, I had the opportunity to finally check out the Oculus for the first time. The game I was presented with was Couch Knights, and the game really brought out some neat features of the Oculus and the virtual reality aspect of it. It was a great demo for the tech because in the demo, you are set-up as a person sitting on a couch versus another player, and you and your opponent control a knight which you control on the table. This is the same demo that was featured a couple weeks ago from GDC 2014. ¬†As the knight you can shoot fireballs, defend with the shield, or attack with the sword. If you were me, you can disturb your enemy’s vision by taking your knight and jumping on the enemy human player that was sitting on the couch, and you will cloud the vision.

Setting up was fairly easy, and you simply put on the headset and tighten the straps to get going. The overall headset is still a bit big, and I understand that this is not the final product. There is still room for improvement, and I look forward to see how the Oculus Rift will progress.

Overall, the Oculus looks very promising, and I believe VR tech will be a great addition to video games from what I have seen.

Couch Knights Gameplay from GDC 2014:


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