During my second day at PAX, I was able to score some hands on time with Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition on the Playstation 4 and it was great. Many know that I am not a huge PC gamer but I did enjoy playing the original Diablo 3 content. I didn’t hop on right away when they ported the game over to the PS3 and Xbox 360, but with this new version on the PS4, I may have to take that leap.

If you are a lover of Diablo and have yet to play the most recent expansion, Reaper of Souls, it is included in this package. With that content comes a new player class, The Crusader. I watched someone play with this character and it had some pretty amazing moves. I can see myself straying away from my Monk build to utilize these abilities.

There have been a lot of additions to make this game feel amazing with a controller. I was able to talk with both Julia Humphreys and Matthew Berger and they were able to describe a lot of these changes in detail. One of my favorite features was how Co-op/Multiplayer works in this game. I think people will be really excited to utilize the same screen co-op function that Ultimate Evil Edition offers. This could be one of the games that brings couch co-op back. While couch co-op is great but online play is just as good. The ability to chat via the Playstation network is great for me. Typing or talking over Skype did not always work for me while playing on the pc. There have been a ton of changes and additions and I can’t possible talk about them all right here so I have listed more of them below:

-Customize their character’s appearance and augment their items’ power with a new artisan, the Mystic
-Battle a new menagerie of fiendish monsters slavering for the chance to feast upon Sanctuary’s heroes
-Never stop exploring with Adventure Mode, where all waypoints are unlocked—the entire world is now the battlefield
-Test their mettle in Nephalem Rifts: 10–20-minute dungeons consisting of randomized areas, monsters, and bosses
-Take on Bounties for fun and rewarding objective-based challenges

The changes made for this game on the PS4 should get any console player that has not tried Diablo to pick it up immediately. It gave me that feeling I used to get when playing Gauntlet on the arcade machines or consoles back in the day. Keep your eyes open for more information on this title. Even though this is not exactly a new title, it is sure to be one of the best games to play on the PS4.

The game is slated for release in 2014

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