Black Panther

Black Panther Official Trailer

Marvel just released a new Black Panther trailer. I just get more and more hype about this movie. It looks like the Black Panther movie is picking up as T Challa takes the mantle of The Black Panther. There are...
Justice League

Justice League – Heroes trailer

We've been hit with a lot of trailers lately. I know some are still a little hesitant about this Justice League movie but it is looking better. I am really excited about seeing this version of Aquaman. Check ou...
Phil Spencer

Phil Spencer Named VP of Gaming

Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox since 2014, just received a promotion to Executive Vice President of Gaming. He now will report directly to CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella. He will still be working closely with the ...
Beats X

Quick Review: Beats X

The Beats X headphones released earlier this year and many use them as an alternative to the Apple Airpods. They are cheaper and for some, more functional than the Airpods. They are also cheaper than the po...
Xbox One X

Xbox One X Hopes/Speculations

I took a a minute to sit down and record some hopes about the Xbox One X and the pre order that everyone is waiting for.

Fortnite Cinematic Trailer

It has been a long time coming but I am pleased to say that I am happy with what I am seeing from EPIC and Fortnite. This cinematic trailer looks so good that I wouldn't mind having a tv show. We are only a few...