The latest entry of Ninetndo’s Super Smash Bros. includes pretty much everyone and their grandmother, so it’s no surprise that one of gaming’s most iconic characters has finally joined the battle.

Announced earlier today through Nintendo of America’s twitter, gamers everywhere will now have the opportunity to battle as Pac-Man. Yeah, that’s right. The beloved dot-eating yellow circle will unleash pure hell on all the Smash Bros. contenders. Check out his trailer below:

Famed developed Bandai Namco is aiding with the Smash Bros. development on both the 3DS and Wii U, so it was only a matter of time before their bread-and-butter became a true member of the team. As far as his look, Masahiro Sakurai revealed the design will be based off the Pac-Man World design. But for those of you who were hoping for some 8-bit glory, never fear — Pac-Man’s Smash moves will be reminiscent of his old-school style. His signature fire hydrant move is one in which he can spit out and gobble up pellets in a single charge. His fruits will also come into play.

During today’s E3 Smash roundtable, members of the Nintendo team played a few brackets with the big yellow bossman against major contenders like Mega Man, Mario, and Sonic, and it’s confirmed that Pac-Man did indeed come out victorious. From the look of things, Pac-Man’s diet doesn’t just consist of dots, fruit, and ghosts — he’s also acquired a taste for blood.

Who are you most excited to see face-off with Pac-Man? It seems like the Wii Fit Trainer puts up quite the fight.

Super Smash Bros. hits the Nintendo 3Ds on October 3rd, and will follow up with a Wii U release this holiday season.

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