Some time ago a peripheral was released for the Xbox over seas that allowed users to run an over the air signal into their consoles. Today is the day that functionality makes it to the U.S. and Canada. Hauppauge, the company that has given us one of the many devices that people use to stream and capture video game footage, has released an over the air TV tuner for the Xbox One. It will allow console users without a cable box to utilize one of the most hyped entertainment features of the console. Using this tuner and an anttena, local channels will show up in the Xbox One’s One guide. This is definately something that I have wanted for a while now since I have been without cable for four years now. The price may not be worth it for some and it hasn’t been reviewed much yet. Some may want to wait but if you want your hand on it now you can find it one Amazon or through the Microsoft Store bundled with an antenna.
Source: Xbox Wire

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