Whether or not you consider yourself a master of horror, there’s no doubt that there are a select few games that make even the bravest of individuals — like you — pee their pants. Outlast is one of those titles.

Red Barrels’ acclaimed survival horror masterpiece Outlast has been handing out nightmares to PC and PlayStation gamers for quite some time, and now it’s time for the Xbox family to join in on the terror. Although the content is marketed for a June 24th release, it is available for purchase now. Xbox One gamers can download Outlast and its Whisteblower downloadable content through the Xbox Live store and start their insane decent into madness — all for a nominal fee.

The game itself will put you out $19.99, while the DLC will cost only $8.99


Hello! Do you have a minute to talk about our Lord and savior Jesus Christ?

Outlast revolves around Miles Upshur, an independent journalist who is seeking answers after an anonymous whisteblower leads him to an abandoned mental asylum. After hearing of the supposed inhume human experiments taking place, Upshur breaks in, only to find himself smack dab in the middle of a waking nightmare.

The story is told as a first-person narrative, and takes massive hints from classic titles in the found-footage genre. Armed with only a camera and wits, you’ll have to make it through the game using brains, not brawn. With programmers from acclaimed titles like Uncharted, Splinter Cell, Prince of Persia, and Assassin’s Creed, Outlast is certainly a wholesome horror experience.

Just remember to grab and extra pair of undies — you’re gonna need them.


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