League of Legends is the front-runner of anything dealing with E-Sports — bolstering over 32 million views during its world championship tournament with a payout of 1 million dollars. LOL (League of Legends) has even taken steps towards legitimatizing E-Sports as an actual sport; with its high viewership, large payouts in tournaments, and its pro international players being recognized by the United States as professional athletes by granting them visas. The game is continuously growing without a down-tempo to its pace — with over 27 million players logging in daily to play.

With an ever growing popularity, it seems LOL cannot do anything wrong; except for one thing, its community. The community is the most insufferable  gaming community that I have been a part of or interacted with. The game seems to have garnered a toxic community amidst its success over the years.


League is enjoyed by a wide range of different players within its demographic.


The first thing that raised my attention towards how bad the community was, when I told a friend that I was thinking about starting playing the popular MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) and asked for advice, the first thing he told me was to prepare to encounter an exorbitant amount of jerks. I thought nothing of it at first, because what gaming community doesn’t have several cretins littered throughout its community? The problem is that LOL has more than a few of those cretins amongst its community.

I first began to play the game against bots up until level 3, when some of the game modes for PVP (Player vs Player) first unlocks– that was when I had my first run in with this “community”. All it took was for me to pick the character that I liked to play with for me to start getting bombarded by insults from the other players. The game has yet to even start, and here I am getting insulted by my own teammates in the pre-game lobby, before I even had the chance to display my skill or the lack thereof.  The harassment became even worse when the game had actually began. Instead of giving me constructive criticism to help me learn the game, I was just told how much of an idiot I was for not having the most optimal items for my character. Run-ins with these type of players didn’t end with that one match, no, it was just the beginning. The consistency of how many times I ended up in a match where I was degraded, was too high. When I wasn’t being downgraded, I had the displeasure of witnessing a mob of rude remarks aimed towards another unfortunate player on the team. There’s never coordination, planning, or support on my team, just insults.


League of Legends tournaments are highly attended and viewed.


The amount of hatred that has filled this community is discouraging for new players, such as myself. I would’ve quit the game within the first couple of hours if it wasn’t for the support of my friends for me to continue. With my friends’ coaching and teachings, I was able to get into to the game and have fun with it. Without them, I doubt that I would’ve learned anything on my own.

In order for League of Legends to gain more players, something needs to be done to this gathering of fools, that is called a community to make it more welcoming  before it’s too late.





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  1. Dirk

    This is the main reason I try to avoid multiplayer games altogether. I had already reached that threshold with FPS/3PS games and to some extent with MMORPG games as well. Fortunately, most of the MMORPG social aspects I can ignore because you are not required to quest in a group in the ones I play and most these games have incentives for EVERYONE to do well so it makes sense to educate new players on the best approaches to the game.


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