Official Trailer and Screenshots of Evolve

Turtle Rock Studios has just released the official trailer and screenshots of Evolve.

From what I can gather from the trailer, just like in Left 4 Dead, you have 4 players — but with a twist. The 5th player isn’t just another enemy, they’re a Goliath (Big Bad Ass Monster Boss). Can’t wait to see what more will unfold from Evolve? Wanna see gameplay? Barry has the latest PS4 gameplay. For now, enjoy some screenshots!

Evolve-Whos Hunting Who-0007_1920x1080Evolve-The_Hunters-0004_1920x1080Evolve-Markov-0012_1920x1080Evolve-In-The-Crosshairs-0009_1920x1080Evolve-Hank-0010_1920x1080Evolve-Goliath-Rising-0011_1920x1080Evolve-Goliath-0005_1920x1080Evolve-From-The-Darkness-0013_1920x1080Evolve-Breathing-Fire-0008_1920x1080Evolve-4v1-0006_1920x1080


via: Evolve and Turtle Rock Studios

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